As a hopeful future NBA writer, I decided why not start practicing writing in a semi-formal setting for the people of the internet to tear apart and critique? My name is Nick Valka, a Canadian basketball super-fan, and I plan on posting articles and thoughts that I have concerning the NBA and basketball as a whole. Other than editing for basic grammatical and spelling mistakes, my writing style will consist of off the cuff, unprepared, and sometimes outlandish statements. But that’s the point. When it comes to debating sports facts are necessary, but without strong opinions and beliefs real conversations can’t occur. I enjoy nothing more than arguing why a team is terrible, or why a certain player will never win anything, and these conversations don’t rely solely on fact; rather more on gut feelings. So I expect backlash, I understand that some things I say will not be agreed upon, but sparking argument between fans is what I intend to do.

I hope to create content that is enjoyable to read, while also creating a discussion. Scientific journal articles and sports writing are completely different; one is meant to be universally accepted, while the other brings further questions to consider with the answers it provides. As long as I can make one person think further on a certain topic, then I will take that as a success. The goal isn’t to make someone change their view, or to switch team loyalty, the goal is to make someone consider both sides.

I write because I enjoy it, and nothing will change that. The decision to make such thoughts public is just to allow further analysis of my work. I hope anyone that looks at my work enjoys it, and takes it as it is.

Thank you,


Twitter: @HoopsBanterBlog



One thought on “Introduction”

  1. Thoughts on Luke Walton getting the Lakers job, handling the transistion with out Kobe and the Deangelo Russell deal


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