Weekly Dimes (Nov. 2 – Nov. 8)

Week 2 has come and passed, and the storylines continue to pile up. There are quite a few surprises early in the season, along with the consistent mainstays, but early on in the NBA, we’ve seen that this will be a season worth following.


1) “Just hold on, we’re going home”

Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard are showing that there’s nothing better than making the move back home. Wade looks like he’s conquering father time, and Howard is proving that he just really disliked playing in Houston. Maybe KD should’ve taken his talents to Washington?

2) Bucks should make minutes for Thon Maker

Greg Monroe has actually been playing surprisingly well off the bench, I think Henson should start over Plumlee, and Maker should be the third big man for this team. He’s only playing garbage time minutes currently, but the first two shots of his NBA career came in the way of made three pointers. If the Bucks start looking like a team that will finish in the bottom half of the Eastern Conference, then why not see what your lottery pick has to offer?

3) Boston’s defence not performing as it should

Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Al Horford, all players that are known for being strong defensive players. However, this team ranks second last in opponents-PPG (giving up 111.8 per game). It’s only been 6 games, and I’m sure Brad Stevens will turn it around, just an odd start to the season for a team that should be stout on the defensive end.

4) The Lakers are feeling the love, and so am I

“I LOVE BASKETBALL!”, apparently this isn’t just something that Ron Artest (I still won’t call him MWP) says at the free throw line; this young Lakers team yells this in their huddles and chants it in the locker room. Lately they’ve been closing games with Randle at the 5, and letting Swaggy P play clutch-time minutes. The Lake Show is officially back.

5) Klay might not be giving up shots, but he isn’t making them

Klay is shooting 20% from the 3-point arc. All it takes for a shooter to get his rhythm back is having one good game, but this is still quite surprising.

6) Jerami Grant has bounce

The Thunder, after acquiring Grant from Philly, have now basically traded Ibaka for Oladipo, Grant, and Sabonis, all players that are contributing to their winning ways. Jerami Grant’s first made field goal in Thunder blue came on the end of an alley oop from Russ, and he’s also dunked on the traitor KD. Grant is bouncy, and I like his style of play. If he can start making outside jumpshots, the Thunder could start considering amnestying Kyle Singler; along with his awful hairstyle.

7) Joel Embiid; new Splash Bro?

Yep, everyone’s favourite big man is leading the league in 3-point %, knocking them down at a 67% clip. Embiid’s bandwagon is getting larger every single day.

8) The Pelicans are winless, and should let Buddy Hield loose

I feel so bad for Anthony Davis, injuries once again have decimated this team, and they are off to an 0-7 start. It’s still early, but at the same time it isn’t. Starting this far back behind the 8-ball makes it extremely challenging to contend for a Playoff seed. Therefore, the Pelicans should just tank and allow their lottery pick Buddy Hield to gain some confidence. Why not let the Buddy-love become infectious in the Smoothie King Center? Give him 36 minutes a game, and see what you have with him and Davis as the focal points.

9) Kris Dunn is making Rubio dispensable

Rubio’s elbow injury was both a blessing and a curse for the Timberwolves franchise. It’s given Kris Dunn the chance to spread his wings, and show what he can do with the opportunity. However, it’s also brought down Rubio’s value. Dunn has shown that Rubio is unnecessary in Minnesota, and that makes other teams less willing to shell out more assets to acquire the Spanish guard. Dunn is clearly their future, but they’ll need to hope that Rubio can still look good after the injury to recoup his trade value.

10) Phil Jackson is still talking about the damn triangle

Just give it up Phil. We get it, you’ve won with the triangle offence in the past, and you are one of the top coaches in any sport, all time. But, you ran that offence with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and this nobody called Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, Carmelo Anthony isn’t on that level. Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings are your point guards, and if you haven’t noticed, neither of them are great outside shooters. Their talents are best used in pick-and-roll offences, and if you want to play past mid-April, it might be best to move on from the famed triangle offence.



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