Weekly Dimes (Nov. 23-29)

Another week, and more interesting storylines to follow. Things are starting to take shape in the NBA, some of which nobody could have predicted. Let’s hop into it with the ten things I found interesting from the past week of NBA action.

1) Double clutch 3 from Danny Green

Wow, just wow. Looked even more amazing then that double clutch 3 the kid from U.N.C. made in the NCAA Final.

2) Russell Westbrook gets the second fastest triple double in NBA history

He now currently has the record for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fastest triple doubles in history. This one came in just 21 minutes, only 4 minutes away from breaking the record set back in 1955.

3) Russell Westbrook is officially averaging a triple double

Yeah, he gets two spots on this list. Why? Because he has fully become BEASTBROOK. This is both amazing, and somehow..normal? There’s a real part of me that believes he can keep this up all year.

4) J.R. Smith with the bonehead play of the year

J.R. Smith and the term “bonehead” just seem synonymous. I don’t really know what exactly he was thinking, you’re playing in a game J.R., you can’t just chat to the other teams bench mid-game, they will make you pay.

5) Kevin Martin retires

I completely forgot Kevin Martin was still in the league. I will never forget K-Mart’s shooting stroke, whether it was his time with Houston, Sacramento, Oklahoma City, he was a professional scorer with such a horrible release. Congratulations on a great career Mr. Martin.

6) Mike Conley’s injury is a huge blow to the Grizzlies

It was inevitable unfortunately. The Grizzlies of late have been known as a team with debilitating injuries, and this year appears to be no different. Expect this Grizzlies squad to have quite a few D-League players in the rotation at some point.

7) New Orleans is righting the ship

The Pelicans, who started the season at 1-8, have gone 6-4 in their past 10 games. Jrue Holiday’s return is a major factor, along with Anthony Davis continuing to lead the league in PER. Maybe this team can sneak into the 8th seed?

8) Sean Kilpatrick is making the Brooklyn Nets somewhat worth watching

D-League standout Sean Kilpatrick has bounced around the NBA after going undrafted, and it appears as if he has found his home in Brooklyn. His coming out party came against the Los Angeles Clippers when he went off for 38 points and 14 rebounds; 20 points coming in a brazen 4th quarter comeback to force overtime, and an eventual win. Proud of you Brooklyn, finally a good move to find this diamond in the rough.

9) Giannis and his slow euro step dunks

If you are still skeptical of Giannis and his potential, go watch highlights from last weeks Cavaliers game when he outmatched LeBron James. He’s still only 21, years from his prime, and his game is progressing incredibly quickly. His almost slow motion euro step dunks are one of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen, and he finishes them off with ease. We are truly watching a one-of-a-kind talent here folks.

10) Joel Embiid’s minute restriction has been raised to 28 minutes!

It wouldn’t be my favourite NBA storylines if Joel Embiid wasn’t involved. Embiid has been the only good thing for Philadelphia this season, his per-36 numbers are absolutely incredible (nearly 29 points, 12 rebounds, and almost 4 blocks per game), and hearing that his minutes limit is being raised, if only slightly, is a great sign. Now let’s all knock on wood and pray that he plays the entire season.


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