Weekly Dimes (Nov. 20-Dec. 6)

We are right around the quarter-mark of this NBA season, and the NBA landscape is taking further shape. This was a very interesting/exciting week, whether it be a couple of scoring outbursts, a discussion on drugs, or a certain clown who can’t keep his feet planted on the ground. Let’s just get right into it shall we?

1) Klay Thompson goes for 60 points…in only 29 minutes

We all know that Klay Thompson scored 37 points in a single quarter last season, but he’s now topped that. The shots he was making were absolutely insane; especially the turn around 3 right in front of his own team’s bench. The best part about Klay getting 60 is that it happened in 2016, a year where we have so much technology and data that we get crazy stats like this: Klay only dribbled the ball 11 times to score those 60 points. Uh, excuse me, what?

2) Draymond Green’s stupid kicking habit

Now we go from one Warrior who had one of the best games of the past couple years, to another Warrior who seems to constantly be a storyline. This kicking habit of Draymond’s dates back to last season, and became a major story when he kicked Steven Adams multiple times, along with lashing out at LeBron James in the Finals. Now this past week he did a similar leg kick and broke Marqueese Chriss’s finger. Look, Draymond Green is an incredible player, he really is, but this situation is the reason why I strongly dislike him. His excuse for the kicks? He needs to balance himself out. It’s one thing when someone is mid-air, and gets pushed, they have to flail out to attempt to regain their balance. But Draymond Green is still straight up when he’s coming down, the leg flails have to be deemed purposeful. Until the NBA states that unnecessary motion will be assessed a flagrant foul, this will continue to be news. C’mon Draymond, we all know your excuse is bullshit, just admit it and we can all move on.

3) San Antonio Spurs are 13-0 on the road

The Spurs are 18-4 this season. So, with my basic understanding of math, that equates to a 5-4 record at home. This is very un-Spurs-like, but starting out 13-0 on the road is incredible, it shows that you can never write off the Spurs as long as Coach Pop is standing on the sidelines.

4) Russell Westbrook has 6 straight triple-doubles

Until there is a week where 10 other amazing things happen, Russ will continue making my list. The rebounding rate has to come down at some point….right? I don’t see the scoring or assist averages decreasing, but watching him do this is must-see-tv.

5) Marijuana has become a topic for discussion in the NBA

With the legalization of marijuana happening quickly across the States, as well as in Canada, the topic of allowing NBA players and personnel to consume marijuana for pain has come to the forefront. Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson, both with well-known back problems, have already come out and stated that they have used marijuana in the past for pain reduction. This is a really interesting storyline to follow, and the NBA will need to make a decision one whether or not to keep marijuana on the banned substances list.

6) Sam Dekker is a solid rotation NBA player

The Rockets earned a huge win over the Warriors last Thursday, and Sam Dekker was a major contributor in that game. He finished with 11 points and 8 assists, not exactly the greatest stat line ever, but the majority of his contributions came on the defensive end. His length and size at 6 foot 9 inches definitely bothered Durant and co., and his ability to play both forward positions will be key to the Rockets reaching their full potential this season.

7) John Wall with career-high 52 points, and a loss

Washington Wizards, currently my second-least favourite organization in the NBA (obviously with Sacramento earning the number one distinction). They are currently 12th in the Eastern Conference, boasting a 7-13 record. John Wall, much like Cousins in Sacramento, is being absolutely wasted. There’s no chance this situation will become a winning one anytime soon, and it’s sad to see players go off in games like this, only to take an L at the end.

8) Chris Bosh plans comeback for 2017/2018

If he is deemed healthy enough to play, this would be absolutely amazing. Chris Bosh is an incredible player when he’s at his best, and losing both his game and personality this season has been sad.

9) Donatas Motiejunas hates the Houston Rockets

Poor D-Mo, all he wants is to escape Houston and they just won’t let him go. After Detroit found problems with his back and nixed his contract offer, he had to return to Houston. And now, in this past week, he garnered interest from the Brooklyn Nets, so much interest that they offered him a four year deal. Unfortunately for him, Daryl Morey decided to match and bring him back to Houston. His agent has since stated that Motiejunas does not plan on reporting to the Rockets, and they will wait and see what happens. I never understand situations like this, if the guy clearly doesn’t want to be a part of your organization, why waste time and money on him? Trade him Morey, make him happy, and maybe get a pick in return.

10) Reggie Jackson returns to a Playoff-bubble Pistons team

First off, congratulations to Ish Smith for keeping the Pistons around .500 basketball. With Reggie Jackson now back healthy, Ish can return to the bench and be one of the better bench guards in the league. Detroit fans rejoice, the Jackson/Drummond pick-and-roll is back, and should lead your team right into the Playoffs.



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