Weekly Dimes (Dec. 7 – 13)

History was made multiple times this past week, there were some great games, great moments, and many more. Plus we’re only 11 short days away from Christmas Day games, and there’s no better Christmas present than that. Let’s dive in and look at what I found interesting this past week in the league.


1) LeBron James, first player in history with 27,000 points, 7,000 assists, & 7,000 rebounds

LeBron’s resume is already outstanding, and this latest accolade adds further fuel to the “Greatest of All Time” fire. There’s a good chance that he ends up top-3 in scoring at the end of his career, and with a couple more championships there’s a chance that he could be considered as the best to ever play (insert crying Jordan meme).

2) Rockets have the 5th best defence this month

This is the first of a couple notes on the Houston Rockets, who are one of the hottest teams right now. With Coach D’Antoni, the offence was expected to be amazing, and it has been so far. But the defence, that wasn’t expected to be good whatsoever. Patrick Beverly did just come back form injury which makes a difference, but a top-5 defence? I’m actually shocked.

3) Patrick Beverly’s amazing D on Westbrook

Note number 2 on Houston this week, Beverly shut down Russ, arguable the most dominant offensive player this season, on the final play of their game this past Friday. It was an amazing display of 1-on-1 D, and actually sparked the Beverly for DPOY conversation. I doubt that’ll happen, but a first team all-defence is an almost guarantee.

4) Eric Gordon is on fire

Alright, now I’m done with the Rockets. Eric Gordon as a young player on the Clippers showed tremendous potential, and people were actually saying there was a chance he could be the best 2-guard in the league. While he hasn’t reached those high aspirations, this season playing in the high-tempo Rockets offence has shown his talents. He’s shooting a career high percentage from downtown, (the same percentage Steph Curry shot when he won MVP last season) and has been a major factor to the Rockets winning 12 of their last 14.

5) Chris Paul with the 20/20 game

20 points, and 20 assists, usually a 20/20 game is something you’d see a big man get with 20 rebounds (the Andre Drummond special), but this was an amazing display. The best part? 20 assists, and no turnovers. Amazing.

6) New York Knicks are currently 3rd in the Eastern Conference

Yes, they’re only 2 wins ahead of the 10th ranked Milwaukee Bucks, but this is still a great sign for New York basketball fans. I really didn’t expect the Knicks to play this well, and obviously there’s a lot of time for them to fall back, but a little more than a quarter of the way through the season this is very interesting.

7) Stanley Johnson assigned to the D-League

I am a huge Stanley Johnson fan, and this is disappointing to see. His potential is still sky-high, and his body is designed perfectly to play on the wing in the NBA. Hopefully playing against lower-level talent will get his confidence up, and more shots will improve his stroke, because the Pistons will need his talents off the bench come Playoff time.

8) Nerlens Noel is back

This is exciting for one reason, and one reason only; to let Nerlens get his trade value up. Oh, and watching the 76ers juggle their big man rotation until the inevitable trade should be…intetersting?

9) Porzingis is the best rim protector in the league

Kristaps “The Unicorn” Porzingis is leading the league in defensive FG% at the rim, in only his second season. Eventually he’ll start playing center, and that’s when the league has to fully watch out.

10) Dirk Nowitzki announces possible retirement in 2017

To end things on a bit of a sad note, Dirk came out and said that him retiring in 2017 is a real possibility. Easily the best international player to ever play, an amazing shooter and scorer, and he revolutionized the power forward position. The past couple Dallas years have been really bad, but Dirk has still played at a high level when healthy. If he does retire next year, Dallas will be absolutely ruined. Please Dirk, just a couple more years.


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