Weekly Dimes (Dec. 28-Jan. 3)

2017 is underway, and so far the 76er’s are undefeated; however that is not the most interesting thing to happen in the past week. We saw some outrageous stat lines, whispers on the trade rumour mill, and much more. Happy new year, and let’s get into it.

1) James Harden has the most ridiculous stat line of all time

53 points. 17 assists. 16 rebounds. Wow. James Harden is the first player ever with over 50 points, 15 assists, and 15 rebounds in one game. The best part of all is that all of it was necessary as the Rockets only beat the Knicks by 7 points. The league must seriously fear the beard, the Rockets are now the second seed in the West and look like an interesting foe for the Warriors in the Conference Finals.

2) Brook Lopez gets revenge…on his own brother

Last week I wrote about how Brook Lopez has been a part of two of the best dunks of the year, but not in a good way. However this past week he got a little bit of revenge by putting his own brother, Robin, on a poster of his own. Hopefully that made him feel a little better, because just playing on the Nets is a nightmare in its own right.

3) Like Father, Like Son, Doc and Austin Rivers both get ejected

As someone who is not the biggest fan of Austin Rivers, this made me smile. Just minutes after Austin’s temper tantrum had him thrown out of the game, his dad Doc was thrown out for protesting another call. Well done Rivers family, you and the Clippers are absolutely hated by all NBA referees.

4) George Karl needs to shut his mouth

You’re out of the league George, just give it up. He recently released a tell-all book where he made himself look like a child, complaining about different players, and just overall bitching about the league in general. Many players have come out and said that he has always been an unhappy man, and should just leave the NBA peacefully, and I agree wholeheartedly.

5) Isaiah Thomas scores 52 against Miami, 29 in the 4th quarter

Fifth player in Celtics history to score over 50 points, and 29 in the 4th quarter is the most in their franchise’s history. Oh, and did I mention that Thomas is 5 foot 9 inches? Isaiah is criminally underrated, and hopefully this performance put him on the map for all NBA fans.

6) Clippers lost 6 straight before finally beating Phoenix

Yes, they’re missing their two best players, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, but losses to Dallas, Denver, and their Los Angeles counterparts are still horrible. They’ve managed to hold onto the 4th seed, but that may not last long. For Clippers fans, they better hope for some health luck to round out the season.

7) Paul Millsap on the trade block

Sometimes trade rumours are simply that, rumours. However, Atlanta has been very average this season, and with Millsap hitting the unrestricted market this coming offseason, this is the time to unload him. After letting Horford walk for nothing, the Hawks can’t allow Millsap to do the same. Toronto is the perfect landing spot for him, we’ll just have to see if they shell out the pieces for him.

8) Westbrook’s worst performance of the year

6 turnovers, 0 assists in the first quarter, and ejected in the second quarter versus the Memphis Grizzlies. This is a really bad performance for the triple double machine, but will be quickly forgotten if Westbrook can continue averaging these outrageous numbers.

9) Igoudala’s incredible between-the-legs alley oop that didn’t count

The whistle blew, but this play was still incredible. Iggy jumped up, brought the ball between both of his legs, and threw it off the backboard for Shaun Livingston to finish it off. Yep, another highlight for the Warriors.

10) Jusuf Nurkic isn’t happy in Denver

Could’ve seen this a mile away. Nurkic is a starting calibre center, the only problem is that Nikola Jokic has him edged out in the Nugget’s rotation. Denver has arguable the best trade pieces, next to Boston, and Nurkic could get them a massive return. It’ll be interesting to see what rumours arise surrounding Nurkic.


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