Weekly Dimes (Jan. 4 – 10)

This past week was full of big moments, including the first All Star fan vote return and the first major trade of trade season. As we near the halfway point of the season, things are starting to ramp up and the exciting moments will continue to materialize. Let’s get into the ten most interesting things from the last week.

1) First All Star fan vote returns are in

Oh the fan vote, the reason why All Star voting was changed this season to allow for half of the vote to be accounted for by media and the players. Some players, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kawhi Leonard, are deserving of such votes. However, then there are players like Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love, and, ugh, Zaza Pachulia. Yes, the entire country of Georgia has voted for Zaza a staggering 439,675 times, giving him more votes in the Western Conference frontcourt than Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, and DeMarcus Cousins to name just a few. This is the problem fans, and the reason why we don’t deserve to vote for this game, even though it is for us, the fans.

2) Kyle Korver traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Looking back now, this seems like an odd trade. At the time, it appeared as if Atlanta was tearing it all down, and was set on trading Paul Millsap. However, it has now come out that they play on contending and will not be trading their star power forward. This may still change, but this trade was a clear win for Cleveland, they bring in one of the best shooters in the league, even though he is aging, and give LeBron and Kyrie another weapon to kick it out too.

3) Derrick Rose saga, leaves team without any notification

This was the weirdest story of the week, Derrick Rose skipped out on a game against the Pelicans and didn’t inform anyone in the Knicks organization. Rumours swirled around the matter, and what came out was that it was a family issue and it was unspecified. Later on in this saga, it was reported that Rose thought about leaving basketball behind for good, an odd thing after a somewhat bounce-back season for him. Then, even later on, it was reported that Rose will be seeking a max deal this offseason. Oh boy, how the mighty have fallen.

4) Rockets are 23-4 after Patrick Beverly returns from injury

Currently the Rockets are playing up to their namesake; they are red hot. Eric Gordon is putting up All Star-like numbers, Harden is clearly the MVP (with the Thunder being 7th in the West, he has to get the edge over Russ), and D’Antoni’s 7-seconds-or-less offence is built perfectly for this squad. Odd to think that Beverly is the key cog to the success, but he is the ideal guard to play alongside the ball-dominant Harden.

5) Matt Bonner retires

Congratulations to the Red Mamba on a great career, players like him typically don’t last long, and fade out quickly from the league. But his strong shooting, unorthodox release, and just overall likability will not be forgotten.

6) Everyone on Miami is available for trade

It has come out that they plan on not listening to trades for Hassan Whiteside, but honestly, I kind of doubt that. Everyone is on the table, make your best offer rest of the NBA. With Winslow’s season-ending injury, it’s finally time for the Heat to embrace the tank, and try to get as many first-round picks in this loaded draft as they can.

7) Anthony Bennett is out of the league

Sad news, but not surprising in the slightest. He never should have been taken first overall, even in a draft as bad as that one, but it set Bennett up for failure. His odd size and game style left him position-less, not good enough of a shooter to play the 3, not tall enough and lacking the post moves to play the 4. Good luck to you Anthony Bennett, I hope he can eventually make it, but maybe for now it would be best for him to go play overseas.

8) Lucas Nogueira drops his drawers to distract Derrick Favors at FT line

Funniest moment of the week. When I first read this headline, I thought his pants might have fallen down accidentally,but upon review of the video, he clearly pulls them down on purpose. Sweet move “Bebe”, unfortunately it didn’t work and Favors hit the free throw, but this could be a sly distraction technique others could implement into their game.

9) DeMarcus Cousins will drop R&B album if voted an All Star

Look, I am not a fan of Cousins, I’ve never hidden that, and I don’t think he deserves to start the All Star game, but I am interested in what this album would sound like. If I were to picture Cousins doing anything musically, I’d picture a more hard rap style, but an R&B album would definitely be…something.

10) Boban Marjanovic with 15 points, 19 rebound in 22 minutes

Joel Embiid is my favourite of the unicorn players, followed by Porzingis and Antetokounmpo, but Marjanovic is definitely up there. His dinner plate hands, overall stature, and his actual ability to play basketball make him so intriguing, and this performance showed that he has real potential to be an impact player.


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