Weekly Dimes (Feb. 15 – 22)

Yep, I extended this week to 8 days to include the last day of the trade deadline. This week we saw very little actual basketball action, but it was still a very entertaining and exciting week. With the All Star game and the deadline, there were many headline-worthy stories, so let’s just get into my top 10 from the week!


1) DeMarcus Cousins is finally free from the Kings dumpster fire

I’m both relieved for him, and still surprised that this trade actually happened. But it’s very on brand for the Kings organization; owner Vivek Ranadive apparently thinks incredibly highly of another shooting guard in Buddy Hield, referencing him as the next Stephen Curry. Good luck to you Buddy, these next few years will be tough. The main story out of this is the Pelicans however, because they now possess arguably the best power forward and center in the game. It’ll be tough for them to fight up to the 8th seed this year, as great as it would be to see them face the Warriors in the first round, so look out for the team from New Orleans next season as a real threat.

2) Kyrie Irving believes the Earth is flat

I’m not going to go long on this, Kyrie, I know you were a one-and-done, but c’mon dude. You know the Earth is round, you can question all the real conspiracy theories, but don’t say the Earth is flat.

3) Nerlens Noel traded to Dallas

This was one of the best deals of the deadline as the Mavericks acquired their center of the future, Nerlens Noel. The Mavs only had to give up Justin Anderson, who doesn’t seem like he’ll be much more than a 10 minute a night guy, and a pick. Great move by Mark Cuban and company.

4) 500 thousand dollars donated to the Sager Strong Foundation

This was the feel good story of the All Star Weekend, (honorary mention to Jarrius Robertson) when a mix of NBA All Stars, retired players, and celebrities had a shootout to raise money for the late great Craig Sager’s foundation. It was capped off with Sager’s son throwing down a dunk to raise the donation to $500,000.

5) McDermott/Gibson traded to Oklahoma City

Another great trade at the deadline, with OKC only really giving up Cameron Payne. Taj Gibson is an upgrade to Joffrey Lauvergne, and McDermott is a huge upgrade to Anthony Morrow. Another great move for Sam Presti and the Thunder.

6) Durant throws lob to Westbrook at All Star Game

Don’t get it twisted, the feud between the two is real, but it was somewhat nostalgic to see Durant throw it up for his old pal Russ. Pretty funny as well when the West bench got up to give them a standing ovation, it even made Kawhi smile.

7) Dunk Contest leaves little to be desired

Was there ever a chance this contest would be as good or better as last years? Nope, but this one was really sad. The drone dunk took the air out of the arena, and with little star power the contest was abysmal. It’s tough to see when it’ll rebound, we’ll just have to remember 2016 fondly.

8) Magic Johnson becomes President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers

Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan are all executives (along with MJ being an owner) in the NBA, and they could potentially trade between eachother. That’s pretty crazy, makes you wonder who from this generation will take leadership roles in an organization. Magic made a quick move upon his hire by sending Lou Williams to Houston for an expiring deal and a pick. The Lakers look primed to build up quickly, especially with the rumour of Paul George in 2018 floating about.

9) Giannis puts Curry on a poster

Best moment of the All Star game, and even better were the reactions from Draymond Green and DeAndre Jordan. Giannis played hard throughout the game, and didn’t let up when the possibility of a tip-slam over the two-time MVP Curry arose. Steph, welcome to your Kodak moment.

10) “Uncle Drew” movie coming with Kyrie Irving as star

This and Space Jam 2, the NBA stars are breaking further into the world of entertainment. Who knows what the premise of this will be, but what will be interesting is which NBA players, and potential legends, join the cast. Also once again, Kyrie, the Earth is round. End of story.


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