Nick Valka – Unqualified and strongly opinionated basketball writer and fan

At a young age, Nick took a keen interest in many sports; hockey, golf, volleyball, etc. Basketball always was the number one option though. Watching, playing, that was the first choice. His earliest memory of becoming a die-hard NBA fan occurred in 2000, where at age 7 he heard the now famous call made by Bob Costas; “Bryant…TO SHAQ!” As Shaquille O’Neal came running back on defense, staring at his hand, the fandom of the game began. Whether it was LeBron attempting to carry an abysmal Cavs team early on in his career, the beauty that is the Spurs system, he watched it all in this new millennium. Nick dreams of one day calling sports writing his career, hoping to cover the NBA on a professional level.

His favourite players are Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Favourite teams to watch include the Thunder, Rockets, Bucks, and Pistons.

Feel free to contact him via e-mail at ncvalka@gmail.com, on Twitter @nick_valka, or though the contact page on the Hoops Banter Blog site.